Free the Children & WE Day

Free The Children started because of two young boys.  Iqbal Masih died at age 12 trying to make a change because he had been forced into child labour since age four, and Craig Kielburger made a plea to his grade 6 class to raise awareness when he learned about Iqbal.  Craig’s efforts skyrocketed to where Free The Children is today, with 1.7 million youth doing what they can to make the world a better place.

Free The Children

Free The Children grew, “Me to We” was established, and initiatives were inspired to address issues around the world.  We Create Change, We Are Silent, We Scare Hunger, We Stand Together, The Power of a Girl, and many other initiatives all began to make a change in the world.  Change initiated by youth.

We Day is a is free full-day educational event designed to recognize and inspire youth to continue with the vision of Free The Children and the “We Act” program that incorporates participating schools.  You can’t buy a ticket to We Day; you earn it by making the world a better place through the “We Act” program. We Day began in Toronto in 2007 and hosted 8,000 youth.  In 2013, We Day will take place in 13 major cities. World leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, and heroes have spoken at We Day events, inspiring youth to continue making a change.

We Day has many facets:

  1. It is a reward for youth in our communities that have been philanthropic or taken on a cause to make a positive difference in their community and around the world.
  1. To inspire youth to be actively encouraging other youth to raise their voices for causes in which they believe in, whether those are locally here at home, provincially, nationally and internationally.
  2. Teaching and educating today’s youth that they have a voice and that they can make a difference.
  3. To develop positive peer role models so that the issues of today are not the issues of tomorrow.


We Day – It’s The Energy

We Day – It’s The Magic