New about mpd

Mighty Peace Day Vision

To empower a generation to promote local, national, and global change. MPD is a day of celebration, inspiration and education for Peace Country Youth, encouraging youth to engage in activities within their home, school and communities which have a positive influence on their world. On May 07, 2019, Grande Prairie will host MPD 3, an amazing day where up to 4500 Peace County youth and educators will be inspired to change our world! SEE YOU THERE!

What is the Purpose of MPY4C?

  • To build a network of schools where dedicated teachers and students work to create positive change locally, nationally, and globally throughout the school year.
  • To connect and support teachers in those dedicated schools, providing tools and resources to help them promote student leadership and action.
  • To establish a mentoring program between teachers and students who have built successful programs and those schools just beginning.
  • To create both an electronic storehouse and an interactive social media presence to facilitate the sharing and celebration of success stories between schools, teacher and students.
  • To enlist and support both teacher champions and youth ambassadors in Peace region schools, empowering both to raise awareness of ways to create change by sharing the vision of Mighty Peace Day and MPY4C.
  • To bring energy and innovative ideas to the schools by supporting speakers, workshops and other forms of education and inspiration directly to the school community.
  • To coordinate school communications with the Mighty Peace Day Committee, ensuring the goal of change created by students and supported by teachers and the larger community becomes a reality.

MPY4C and MPD Benefits
Teachers and Students:

  • Build strong relationships with your students through social action
  • Integrate social action through Project Based Learning
  • Get support and mentorship from other educators and community members
  • Help youth become empowered and equipped to lead in your school
  • Help your students engage in authentic learning, critical thinking, collaboration and community/business engagement
  • Have a public platform to share and celebrate your students
  • Gain energy and vitality as you share ideas and resources with like-minded teachers.

Teacher Champions Needed:

  • Positive change orientation
  • Community minded; highly skilled
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Innovative and creative ideas
  • Communication and technology skills
  • Most importantly, students need you because you believe in their capacity to change the world and because every student deserves a Teacher Champion

Passion, Purpose, and Possibility: Choosing to Make a Difference
Engaging Youth in Authentic and Meaningful Action

What am I concerned about in my community or in the world?

What do I care about?

What do I want to see changed?

Why am I passionate about this issue? What is/are my specific concern(s)?

How does this issue impact me? How does this issue impact others?

What is it, specifically, that I want to see changed?

What would it look like if this issue were addressed?

How can I address this issue/area of passion?

What are the ways in which change can occur in myself, in my community, in the world?

How do I start, continue or enhance the change I wish to see?

How do I get others to see and share my perspective on this issue?

What type of information is required? What type of action is required?

Who do I need to get in contact with or gain information or support from?

Who will most help me accomplish my goals?

Where do I need to go (place) to accomplish my goals?

Do I need to gain access or permission to a place to accomplish my goals?

When will I engage in my action?